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Liz Calvin - Mosaic Artist


Liz Calvin has always been interested in the arts, and found her particular passion for mosaic art in 1985 while travelling through Europe.  For the two years that followed, she focused on learning the time-honored craft/trade of mosaic art in Italy.  Since that time she has continued learning and growing as a mosaic artist by taking on a wide range of public art projects.  


Some can be seen at Lonsdale Quay and in the sidewalks of Downtown Vancouver and New Westminster.  She also does private commissions for homes and businesses... including signage and gallery work.  


She enjoys the process of working with her hands and the satisfying results that the materials brings; through porcelain, tile, china, glass, pebbles, stone, metal and found objects.  Ideas come from the internet, books, friends, nature, photos and of course the greatest source of inspiration we all have... our intuitive and creative mind!  'Working with children of all ages is especially fun', she says; 'It is so wonderful to watch the 'mosaic fever' take over others with equal enthusiasm to my own!!'

‘Knowing what the entirety of the form is going to be; just drawing as I am thinking, thinking as I am drawing.   And that’s how I develop my ideas.’


‘And rather what I do is try to make things which satisfy my eye, which satisfy my sense of form and colour.  It’s more an interplay of form and colour which I enjoy performing and I do it until it satisfies my eye and then I am on to something else.’ ~ Kenojuak


Liz Calvin 

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